Original BBQ Sauce

COWBOYS Original BBQ Sauce is the sauce that won the World's Best Sauce over and over again. 186 State, Regional and World titles.

18 oz. Bottle

1 Jar $5.95 (Min. 2 Jars)
1 Case $42.00 (12 Per Case)

Tex-Mex Salsa

COWBOYS Tex-Mex Salsa has just the right blend of spices and veggies to give this outstanding salsa the right to be called Tex-Mex.

16 oz. Jar

1 Jar $5.95 (Min. 2 Jars)
1 Case $42.00 (12 Per Case)

Rio Grand Rub

COWBOYS Rio Grand Rub is the only season you'll ever need again. 17 herbs and spices. Great on all meat and seafood. So good you'll moan.

8 oz. Bag

1 Bag $5.95 (Min. 2 Bags)
1 Case $42.00 (12 Per Case)

Double Hot BBQ Sauce

If you like a great sauce that has the perfect balance of heat and taste,COWBOYS Double Hot BBQ Sauce is it.

18 oz. Bottle

1 Jar $5.95 (Min. 2 Jars)
1 Case $42.00 (12 Per Case)

Custom Smoked Hams

Slow smoked for the perfect balance. No bone in this ham. Tender, juicy and lean.

10 lb. bone-out avg

$65.95 Each (Reg $89.95)

Custom Smoked Turkeys

Hand picked. Only big breasted birds will make this cut. A treat for any table. Voted best breast in America.

16 - lb. - 18 lb. avg.

$49.95 Each (Reg $69.95)

World Famous Brisket

We start with only the best grade meat, Choice or higher. Our briskets are hand-rubbed with COWBOYS Rio Grande Rub then slow smoked to a fairly well. Just add Original or Double Hot COWBOYS Sauce and you'll agree!!

Whole 10 - 12 lb. avg.

$59.95 (Reg $10.95 / lb.)

America's Best Ribs

Over 1 million customers can't be wrong. 2-1/4 lbs. of pure love. Slow smoked, hand rubbed and then fire-glazed.

2-3/4 Avg. Center Cut St. Louis

$ 24.00/Slab

COWBOYS Original T-Shirts

COWBOYS Original T-Shirts make a statement.


Black / White $15.00 +S.H.
Choose from 3 different backs:
Color and Back:
Choose a Size:

Cowboys Coffee Mug


$ 4.00 +S.H.